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2011 - Present

®Phase 4 - 7

Spine, Extremities, Trauma, Ethic & Emotional Issues, Vertical Spine & Langer Lines, Chapmans Reflex, Isometric, Self-Care, Advanced Neck & Shoulders, Demonstrations Skills, Reflexes Exploration of Movement, Visceral Manipulation & Post Techniques

Transpersonal HypnotherapyCertificate The Institute for Therapeutic Learning

Structural Integration Continuing Education
Rolfing & Trauma l & ll; Rolfing Trauma & Orientation from a Somatic Experiencing Perspective
with Leal Keen
Resolving Low Back Pain Pelvic/ Lumbar Algorithm
with John deMahy
Hellerwork CEW - Energy/ Chakras

Other Modalities and Energy Work Courses

Intraoral Indorsement & Facial cupping

Gokhale Method Foundations

Life Alignment: Vortex alignment
Access Bars
® course

Understanding the Gut Brain: Stress, Appetite, Digestion and Mood Dr Lisa Goehler, PhD
'Neurofascial Release for the Diaphragm’ and ‘Touching a Nerve’
Michael Hamm

Jin Shin Jyutsu® 5 day class Jed Schwartz

HIV Prevention Certificate     

1998 - 2010

Visceral Manipulation Liz Gaganni, Lisa Polec for Upledger Institute, Jeffrey Bursch, and most recently Marty Ryan
Body Talk System Levels 1 - 3
Cranial Sacral Therapy Level 1 - 3 at Bastyr College with Dr. Nancy Sullivan

1995 - 1998

Hellerwork 1500 hour Training
Joseph Heller, Donna Bajelais, and other Hellerwork Trainers
Thai MassageOld Chang Mai Traditional Hospital and Wat Po, Bangkok Thailand

1992 - 1994

Deep Tissue & Swedish Techniques Brian Utting School of Massage, Seattle

Intra-Oral Technique Brian Utting School of Advanced Training

Somatic Technique created by Thomas Hanna; with Don St John
Myo Fascial Release Training Donna Bajelais PT

Zen Therapy Dub Leigh

Marcia Oberg CHP|LMT © 2019 (206) 605-9037
WA State Massage License: MA- 5612  | Hypnotherapist Registration: HP 60402071

I graduated from the Brian Utting School of Massage in 1992 and continued my education with a 1500 hour Hellerwork training.

I have been fascinated by the human structure ever since.

I work with the patients of Neurologists, MDs, Chiropractors, and Acupuncturists. This experience provides me with a wide understanding of how other care providers approach problems.

I deeply believe that bodywork supports people's ability to be 'fully embodied'.

I feel honored to assist people on this journey.

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