Encourage the body to return to its natural balance and health.


Uses gentle, comfortable positioning and relaxing movements to unlock tension, reduce pain, and restore well-being.  ORTHO-BIONOMY®  is  homeopathic in principle incorporates positional release techniques, isometrics and isotonics, postural exercises, self-care releases, and the movement of subtle energy to initiate innate, self-corrective reflexes that restore alignment, improve function, and remind the body of its own natural ability to find balance.

The Session

The session are normally done with clothes on, soft flexible clothing is best suited for the work. We can also incorporate this work with other techniques.


pain reduction, changes in posture, and more sense of ease and well-being.  For more information about the benefits you can follow

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Promote deep healing and relaxation for the body.

Deep tissue massage uses slow and deliberate touch which affects the deep muscles. Surface muscles are first relaxed to allow access to deeper structures. Using comprehensive knowledge of anatomy, individual nerves, and connective tissues are manipulated in order to increase function, circulation, and relieve tension. Attention is paid to not go beyond the tissues response and pain tolerance.

The Session
A session involves an interview concerning the nature of the condition and a explanation of how treatment will be administered.

A session will help with chronic muscular pain, injury rehabilitation, and reduces inflammation-related pain caused by arthritis and tendinitis.

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The purpose of Thai massage is to bring the body, mind, and spirit into a state of balance and harmony, providing an opportunity for self-healing.

Thai massage is practiced fully clothed on a floor mat without oils or lotions. Thai massage techniques, using the thumbs, elbows, palms, forearms, feet, and knees include: rocking, rhythmic muscle compression, assisted yoga positions and stretching, working along energy meridians called Sen lines.

The Session
A session is practiced very slowly, in a choreographed "dance" as the practitioner moves the receiver around the mat, creating a relaxed, meditative state. The purpose of Thai massage is to bring the body, mind, and spirit into a state of balance and harmony, providing an opportunity for self-healing.


The benefits enjoyed from a Thai massage session may include the following: relief from stress, deep relaxation, warmed and stretched muscles, healing energy flow, greater flexibility, increased and focused energy levels, prevention of injury, relief from sore and aching muscles and joints, detoxification, and a feeling of confidence and well-being. It helps one focus energy and attention on the task at hand. It is highly therapeutic for those in pain from tension, injury, or illness.

Transpersonal Hypnotherapy helps people to discover how their beliefs create the limitations and restrictions of their lives.  This technique helps to bring awareness to our ‘trances’( limiting beliefs) and helps us to choose to live with more openness and freedom.


With conversations and listening we decide what issue you wish to work on with each session.  Using various processes to deeply relax and discover the patterns that are holding you in past unhelpful patterns, you can choose to change those patterns and open to the full potential you are interested in discovering.

The Session

Begins with a conversation to help you discover some to the ‘trances’ that drive your choices.  As you become aware of the trances and what drives them, it’s much easier to let them go.


balanced emotions and the ability to make healthy decisions.

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Hellerwork is a unique and powerful combination of myo-fascial release

structural bodywork, movement education and dialogue.

This 11 session series transforms your relationship with your body and with your experience of being alive.

The bodywork is a systematic ‘hands on’ process working with the connective tissue to realign the entire musculo-skeletal structure, restoring balance and ease to the body.

The movement education process guides you to move in ways that minimize effort and tension while maintaining and improving the bodywork results.

The dialogue process leads you to explore how your thoughts, beliefs, attitudes and feelings impact in and through your body, empowering you to take the results out into your life.

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